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    Installing Creators' App

    Here, we explain the process from first turning on the camera after purchasing it.

    • The screens and wording displayed vary depending on your camera.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. camera iconTurn on the camera.
    2. camera iconFollow the on-screen instructions, and on the [Connect Smartphone] screen, select [Proceed to connect.] or [Connect a smartphone].
      Screen of the camera to connect the camera to the smartphone. Connect the smartphone. This will simplify camera initial setup, and you can use a wide variety of functions, such as image transfer. There are the "Connect a smartphone." and "Do not connect" options, and "Connect a smartphone." is highlighted.
    3. camera iconFollow the instructions on the screen to set [Bluetooth Settings] to [On].
      • Note that this screen may not appear, depending on your camera.
    4. smartphone iconWhen the Creators' App QR code appears on the camera, scan it with your smartphone and install the app.
      • With this screen still displayed on the camera, continue with the next operation on your smartphone.
      • If you have already installed the app, go to step ⑤.
      Creators' App screen of the camera. Launch the app and perform pairing of the camera. Device name. The QR code and "Click here to install" are highlighted.
    5. smartphone iconStart Creators' App and follow the instructions that are displayed.
      • If information about becoming a Creators' Cloud member appears midway through the process, we recommend that you create an account and sign in. Signing in brings benefits such as an increase in your free cloud storage capacity.
      • Cloud functions and account creation may not be available in some countries or regions.
      • If you select [Register later], register later from (User Information) on (Home screen).
    6. smartphone icon The Home screen appears when initial setup of Creators' App is complete. Continue with the next step.
      App home screen. "Connect with your camera" is displayed at the top.