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    Network streaming

    You can connect the camera to the internet and stream video and audio to streaming services.

    • For details on cameras that can use this feature, see "Supported cameras."
    • The camera and smartphone must be connected via Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi. This function is not available when connected via USB.
    1. On the camera screen of Creators' App, make sure either [Connected] or [Connected via access point] is displayed.
      Camera screen in the app. The camera is shown in the center, with [Connected] highlighted below it.
    2. On the Creators' App camera screen, select [Network streaming].
    3. In Creators' App, enter information for the streaming service you will use.
      • The following screen only appears when streaming is set to [Off] on the camera. If it is set to [On], go to ⑤.
      • If the streaming link or access point have already been set on the camera, select [Set up later] to go to the next step.
      Network streaming screen of the app. A list of streaming settings is in the center, with [<!-- Proceed to setting -->Proceed to setting] highlighted below it.
      1. Streaming destination settings
        RTMP/RTMPS: Select this option for streaming services that support RTMP (such as YouTube or Facebook). The RTMP server URL and stream key are shown on the streaming settings screen of the streaming service. Send this information to your smartphone by email or other means and enter it here.
      2. Camera Wi-Fi settings
        The camera must be connected to the internet via a nearby access point. Select [Set from the app] and follow the instructions to specify the access point.
        • For Hotspot & tethering from a smartphone (or Personal Hotspot from an iPhone/iPad), follow the steps below instead of the procedure given above.
          1. On your smartphone, turn on tethering and display the SSID and password.
          2. On the camera, go to the access point registration screen by selecting MENU → (Network) → [Wi-Fi] → [Access Point Set.], then enter the SSID shown on the smartphone. (Do not use the [Set from the app] option displayed in Creators' App.)
          3. Set [Priority Connection] for the camera to [On].
        • You may be able to use a USB or LAN cable to connect to the internet without using Wi-Fi. For details, refer to the Help Guide of the camera.
      3. Streaming method
        After the [Streaming method] screen appears, select [Start using functions] to finish registering the streaming service information.
    4. Turn streaming [On].
      Network streaming screen of the app. A streaming link is in the center, with [Next] highlighted below it.
    5. Tap [Start output] in Creators' App to start streaming output.
      Network streaming screen of the app. [Start output] and [Start movie recording] in the center are highlighted.
      • To start and stop streaming output, use [Start output] and [Stop output]. Actual streaming requires that you start streaming this output from the streaming service itself. To make sure you are streaming, check streaming by the streaming service.
      • To start and stop movie recording, use [Start movie recording] and [Stop movie recording]. Movies are saved to the camera memory card. You can start and stop streaming output and movie recording separately. This function is not available when [Movie recording while streaming] in [Change Settings] is set to [Disable].

    Using a camera to stream

    You can also control streaming from your camera, as follows.

    • Turn streaming [On] (corresponds to ④ above) : MENU → (Network) → [Streaming] → [Network Streaming] → [Streaming] → [On]
    • Start or stop output (corresponds to ⑤ above): Center button of the control wheel
    • Start or stop movie recording (corresponds to ⑤ above): MOVIE (Movie) button